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About the Association

            The idea how to improve conditions of equal status for disabled persons in their ordinary lives came into being in the course of the year 2009. On the strength of this, in December 2009 we established the association Kunštát PRO FUTURO - public service organization. The association is going to put into practise educational programmes for disabled persons.

            Our main aim is the effort to improve handicapped persons´ lives, their easier integration into society, overcoming of the barriers and handicap consequences. In the park of TGM, we plan to build an area where each disabled can find a place of good feelings. Now these people can get to interesting places that used to be hardly accessible for them. The blind people can feel the flowers, smell them, touch them and learn to recognise them in the garden of senses. In this way they become a part of nature and live through the uniqueness of the moment without a fear.

            Through affording facilities for short and long holidays in the country of Highlands we enable these fellow citizens to see and live unknown experiences up to the present.


Výroční zpráva Pro Futuro 2010 opt.pdf — PDF document, 3447Kb

Výroční zpráva Kunštát Pro Futuro 2011.pdf — PDF document, 5063Kb

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